Back on ForexFactory… Kinda

Awhile back I was moved to a “commercial member” by the team at ForexFactory. I really wasn’t promoting anything there, but I did get into a pretty public spat with a scammer. As is always the case, this particular scammer had his fanboys that demanded I be moved to the commercial section of the forums.

The FF team gave in and I recently petitioned them to put me back as a standard member. After some back-and-forth, they finally did. So I’m back on ForexFactory, but not sure how much I’ll be posting there. I’ve hung around the last few days and I really don’t see a ton of value there for me. Most folks on the forums are trying to day trade a handful of pips. That’s not my style. And it seems the more I read there the more it pollutes my own clear thinking.

I’d much rather blog.

Geppy Forex

I began trading forex in 2005. It took me seven years to figure out how to be consistently profitable. I blog in an effort to hopefully help other aspiring traders become successful much sooner than I did.

4 thoughts on “Back on ForexFactory… Kinda

  1. Hi Geppy, nice to see you on here again I was looking out for you from time to time after opening another forex account and getting back into it over the past couple of months. I guess I am tempted by your signalling / trade copying service but I am mainly trying to learn to be self sufficient. I am getting better, bit by bit; and some of the teaching and advice you gave us previously has stayed with me and really helped. I’m greatful for that

    1. Hi Jampel, glad to hear you’re getting back into things also. I’m no longer running the trade copier. I know that’s still in the email signature but I need to remove it. Feel free to reach out if there’s anything you’re struggling with.

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