Forex Trends Tool

NOTE: To understand how this tool works and how to use it in your daily trading, please read this detailed post.

26 thoughts on “Forex Trends Tool

  1. This looks great. Is it a web based application or will you be selling it to use on our platforms?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi K. Peters. It’s a free tool for the community to reference. I keep it in Google Sheets and my plan is to update it daily. When I update the sheet in my Google Drive this page will automatically publish the update live.

  2. Thanks Geppy, looks interesting, looking forward to seeing how this will be implemented into your weekly analysis tomorrow. Thanks for the drive and hard work you put aside for our community, much appreciated. Peace bro

  3. This. is. Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    Well if I knew you were thinking of adding another pair I would have pushed to sweet talk you into xauusd…lol.
    It’s interesting because usually at 1300 GMT that bugger will start to make a serious move. Clockwork.

    1. Thanks Rurozan 🙂

      I’ll be working on a post tonight on how this thing works exactly, but tomorrow’s weekly outlook will definitely help you start getting a feel for it.

  4. Dear Geppy , your analysis is awesome. Keep it up mate. I am a new entrant and have been a silent observer. Your strategies are spot on. Well done and good luck with all you venture into.

  5. Thanks Geppy, very new to trading and also silently observing. Amazing that an experienced trader like yourself is prepared to spend time helping others. Good Job, much appreciated bro!

    1. Thanks, Marcel. It is very time consuming, but I enjoy it. So I’m hoping to continue contributing going forward.

  6. Hi Getty, a great concept. Very interesting. I’m not a patron yet but on the side lines at the mo. A question. I’ve noticed your Trend Tool has the last updated as 3/12/2016 but think this is a typo 😉 Also when updating could you add a time stamp as well please?

    1. Hi Neil, nope not a typo (although you’ve got on in my name…;) ). I updated the tracker this weekend when markets were closed and I’ll be updating it shortly. Once I do, the date will be updated too.

      Tomorrow I’ll be publishing a post that goes in depth about the tracker and how to use it. So be sure you’re on the mailing list to receive an email when that’s up.

      Looking forward to seeing you on Team Geppy’s Patreon!

    1. Thanks, Ari. You can get on the mailing list by joining via the sidebar from the homepage or any blog post. That’s the easiest way!

  7. Hi I just discovered your blog. I noticed last time when you updated the tracker was on May 8th. Are you no longer updating the tracker and the blog?

    1. Hi Pinky, I update it weekly (on Sundays) along with the weekly outlook. I reserve daily updates and analysis for my Patreon trading group.

    1. Hi Schwann, you must be new here. I analyze what I’m seeing in the market and regularly give trade setups. Right now, I happen to be in quite a few trades, so I’m not looking too much for new setups. I think the important thing here is that I share a lot of my thoughts. And for those that desire to learn and become better traders, this is an amazing resource. For those looking for a signal service, please move along.

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